House 230 m2

​​A house we decorated.


Our work:

- New Multilevel ceiling with metal system    Knauf 

- New plaster on the wall

- New partition walls with metal

   system Knauf and plasterboard

- Two bathroom

- Tiling

- Plumbing Job

- Electric Job

- Out side of decorating




Solarium 165m2

​5 rooms were removed

every wall was removed and it was formed into one room 165 m2.


Our work:

- new Suspended ceiling (metal system)

- new partition wall (metal system)

- lighting

- tiling

- joinery work

- decorating

Pasta factory

​​This factory produces pasta about 120 tons per day.

We did the office around 850 m2


Our work:

- new suspended ceiling with metal system    Knauf

- new partition drywalls with metal system  Knauf

- new plaster

- tiling

- electric job

- toilets and bathrooms

- showers for staff

- decorating



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Was 5 of rooms, have been removed every walls and was formed in one room 165m2 Our job New suspended ceilings New drywalls New partition walls New lights Joinery work \total Decorating New tiles on the floor